Background Screening Resources

Background Screening Process

Outlines why we conduct background screenings, defines who needs to be screened, and lays out the process for the screenings.

County Operations for Processing Screenings

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to entering a screening request

Applying First Advantage Background Screening (FABS) Reports to the Selection Process

FAQ related to using the screening report in the applicant selection process

Decision Making Guidelines Matrix

Outlines actions to take when reports include green, yellow, and red flags

Out-of-State Screening Fees

Lists fees by state and county for records checks outside of Iowa (Excel file)

Global Screening Fees

Lists fees by country for records checks outside of the U.S. (PDF file)

Using Tort Liability Funds to Pay for Background Screening

Opinion from Whitfield and Eddy, LLC regarding the appropriateness using tort liability funds for this expense.