Coronavirus/COVID-19 Response

Extension Council Town Hall Meeting about Coronavirus/COVID-19  

Recording from March 28, 2020

  • Update about the ISU Extension and Outreach response to COVID-19,
  • Strategies for keeping staff, volunteers, participants and communities safe and for staff working remotely and closing offices to the public,
  • Plans for Structured for Success implementation and next steps for the MOU

Speakers at the Town Hall 

  • John Lawrence, Vice President for Extension and Outreach
  • Andrea Nelson, Assistant Vice President for County Services
  • Terry Maloy, Executive Director, Iowa Extension Council Association
  • Kay Osvig, Whitfield & Eddy Law

Message from Terry Maloy Regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19, March 26, 2020

We are in an unprecedented era of needing to prioritize the health and wellbeing of our community, clients, staff, and their families, while also ensuring that critical business is carried out. Although federal and state proclamations, guidance and even legislation is changing rapidly, hopefully this will serve as a guide as your council makes decisions.

Iowa State University faculty and staff have been directed to begin working remotely as soon as possible, and we encourage county staff and councils to develop a strategy to maximizing social distancing – a CDC mitigation strategy to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 cases. We also recognize that some tasks are critical to our function and need to continue.

Councils may need to begin considering how work may change depending on how long we need to work remotely. The Governor has ordered restaurants and bars closed until March 31, and recommended that schools closed until April 13. Many higher ed programs will finish the semester online.  ISU is evaluating its plans beyond April 4th and should have an announcement by early next week.

We have compiled some information (see links in sidebar) to help you navigate your various responsibilities through these next weeks. We will continue to update these pages with information as we receive it.

As always, please contact IECA Executive Director Terry Maloy (641-226-1541) if IECA can be of assistance.