Extension Council Training

Extension Council Conference Breakout Session Resources

This resource includes the power point presentations and handouts from the breakout sessions (listed below) of the March 2018 exCouncil Conference Participantstension council conference.  Additionally, contact information for the presenters is included on this page.

  • Employment Law and Practices
  • Fiscal Law and Policy
  • Program Selection
  • County Fair Partnership Agreements
  • Conducting Public Council Meetings
  • Fiscal Reports and Budgeting
  • Program Assessment
  • County Position Titles
  • Risk Management/Insurance
  • County Success Stories
  • Council Resources in a Click
  • Council Members as Supervisors
  • Land Grant Mission and Legacy
  • Introduction to Crucial Conversations

Benefits of Iowa Extension Council Association

Budget and Financial Management Training

Civil Rights Training Materials

Council Meetings

County Insurance

Extension Council Fiduciary Responsibilities

Employment Law

Extension Council Member Roles and Responsibilities - view Appendix 6, #2

Supervision of Employees