Extension Council Conference Resources 2021

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The following resources are from the March 13, 2021 Extension Council Conferences.  You will find the breakout sessions listed by topic.  Each breakout session has a recording of the live session, as well as a link to the presentation slides.  A few workshops also have additional handouts.

Opening Session

Video Recording

Featuring IECA President Jamie David, IECA Executive Director Jennifer Vit, and Vice President for Extension and Outreach John Lawrence

County Finances

County Finances 101 (Beginner’s Finances) | Video Recording   Presentation Slides
Bryan Whaley, Directors of Field Operations - North
Gene Mohling, Director of Field Operations - South

It all just looks like numbers on a page to me! This hands-on workshop is for newer council members and provides some basics to help you read and interpret county financial reports. Get a better handle on what council members need to know for due diligence with county finances. 

County Finances 102 (Advanced Finances) | Video Recording   Presentation Slides   Handout 1   Handout 2   Handout 3
Bryan Whaley, Directors of Field Operations - North
Gene Mohling, Director of Field Operations - South
How can we better manage the county's finances? This hands-on workshop provides the next level of complexity for council members to understand county finances.  You will be empowered to spot potential cash flow issues, understand the different county funds, and shape budgets to reflect your county's priorities.   

Stumbling Blocks to a Clean Financial Review | Video Recording   Presentation Slides
Ernest Ruben, CPA, Director, Financial Audit Division, Office of the Auditor of State
Is “audit” a scary word for your council? Hear how an extension district can learn from the financial review and what we can do to prepare. Examine past recommendations to help council members develop strategies to resolve findings.


4-H Annual Check-up | Video Recording   Presentation Slides   Handout
Lisa Berkland,  and Gail Castillo, Youth Program Specialists
Have you ever wondered if your county 4-H program is healthy?  Is there a fairly simple way to visualize where your county is strong and where you might need to focus some attention?  Utilizing data, learn one way to assess your county’s program balance, audience balance, market share, and growth.


How can our county access resources for the new extension and outreach initiatives? Each county has selected one key initiative to work on in response to the pandemic, economy and extreme weather from 2020.

Improving Food Supply, Safety, & Access | Video Recording   Presentation Slides
Christine Hradek, MPH, Human Sciences Specialist
Angela Shaw, Associate Professor and Food Science and Human Nutrition Specialist

Reviving the Iowa Economy | Video Recording   Presentation Slides
Lisa Shimkat, State Director, America’s SBDC Iowa
Lisa Bates, Design Extension Specialist

Expanding Educational Opportunities for Youth | Video Recording   Presentation Slides
Ben Pullen, Youth Program Specialist

Increasing Access to Quality Child Care | Video Recording   Presentation Slides
Cheryl Heronemus, Regional Director

Improving Financial Security | Video Recording   Presentation Slides
Suzanne Bartholomae, Assistant Professor and Family Finance Specialist

Addressing Mental Health | Video Recording   Presentation Slides
David Brown, Family Life Program Specialist


Mental Health in the Workplace | Video Recording   Presentation Slides
David Brown, Family Life Program Specialist
How can you support your employees' and constituents' mental health? Review mental health programs and resources available for counties, discuss how extension councils can best use their funds to support the mental health initiative, and learn tips to support county staff during this stressful time.

Employment Law and Practices | Video Recording  Presentation Slides
Kay Osvig, Whitfield & Eddy Law
How do you handle tough employment issues - in a pandemic? Real life scenarios will be used to help council members understand their obligations as employers.  You'll learn practical tips for handling unemployment filings and appeals; Council member obligations during an employment investigation; how to have a closed session (while complying with Iowa's open meeting laws); key considerations for personnel transitions and more.

Council Operations

Conducting Public Council Meetings | Video Recording   Presentation Slides
Gary Taylor, Director, Community and Economic Development
Why can't we all go for coffee after the council meeting? Through the use of scenarios, you'll get an overview of the Open Public Meeting laws. Get guidance to respond to citizen requests for council records, going into a closed session, and accommodating comments from the public. Also, learn the guidelines for socializing with fellow council members outside of meetings.

Extension Office Real Estate Options | Video Recording   Presentation Slides
Andrea Nelson, Assistant Vice President for County Services  
Bryan Whaley, Directors of Field Operations - North
Gene Mohling, Director of Field Operations - South

Rent vs. own vs. build? Co-locate & collaborate vs. standing alone? There are many decisions facing councils when it comes to office space. This session will discuss facility use planning, risk management, legal considerations, fundraising, and other issues related to the place where extension business is conducted. Real county scenarios will be shared from counties who have solved their space issues in a variety of ways.

The New ISU Extension and Outreach Q/A | Video Recording   Presentation Slides
John Lawrence, Vice President for Extension and Outreach
How is the new extension and outreach structure helping to create a #strongIowa? We have transitioned through Structured for Success to our new ISU Extension and Outreach. Hear how things are going and what's on the horizon.

Closing Session

Video Recording

Featuring IECA's Extension Council Conference Co-Chair Connie Casson