Human Resources

Background Screening

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the Extension Districts continue to work together to implement the background screenings required by the Memorandum of Understanding. As implementation takes place across the state the committee that designed the county process and procedures is learning. We know from the tremendous feedback received from those putting the process in place that adjustments need to be made now to improve the process – and we encourage ongoing comments. Read more about Background Screening

Legal Services

The Iowa Extension Council Association (IECA) has retained the law firm of Whitfield & Eddy, P.L.C for consultation and education in the areas of Labor and Employment Practice for IECA member counties.   Whitfield & Eddy is based out of Des Moines and serves private, non-profit, and public-sector clients throughout the state of Iowa.  Jaki Samuelson employment law attorney will be the lead attorney working with IECA.  Read more about Legal Services