IECA Legislative Day and 4-H Public Leadership Experience

Iowa Capitol

The Iowa Extension Council Association is hosting their annual legislative day in Des Moines on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.  As a part of our legislative day this year, the association is inviting your 4-Hers to receive more information about the legislative process.

Senior 4-Hers from each county will have the opportunity to meet with legislators, tour the Capital, and learn about the legislative process and what bearing it has on Iowa State Extension and Outreach.  Extension council members from your county will accompany the 4-Hers to serve as mentors that day.

Each extension council will be responsible for recruiting and selecting the 4-Hers that will represent their county, though IECA encourages councils to allow any interested high school age 4-Her to attend. 

Please plan to provide the contact information of the 4-H delegates in your county and their accompanying council members to the association no later than Wednesday, February 21.

The online registration form, general information about the legislative day, and an FAQ are available at the sidebar to the right.  We look forward to inspiring the next generation of leaders through this 4-H citizenship opportunity.