IECA Legislative Day and 4-H Public Leadership Experience

January 10, 2018

Extension council members, 4-Hers, and extension supporters are invited to attend the IECA legislative day on Wednesday, February 28 in Des Moines.  We will meet at the Wallace Building auditorium at 9:00.  Participants will be briefed on the issues that will impact ISU Extension and Outreach, find out about upcoming legislation, and learn how to work with their legislators.  They will then spend time on Capitol Hill sharing Extension with their senators and representatives. Additional information is on the IECA government relations page.

As a part of our legislative day this year, the association is inviting our senior 4-Hers to receive more information about the legislative process.  4-Hers from each county will have the opportunity to meet with legislators, tour the Capital, and learn about the legislative process and what bearing it has on Iowa State Extension and Outreach. More information is available on the IECA Legislative Day and 4-H Public Leadership Experience webpage.