Infection Control Policy Resources

County Extension Councils and staff are encouraged to follow guidance provided on the Open for Iowa website as their primary source of information.  Additionally, Whitfield & Eddy Law has provided optional resources for counties who choose to enact policy related to protocols, face coverings, and health screenings to control spread of infection in county offices and programs. 

Whitfield & Eddy is availble to consult with councils if they desire to make changes to the templates. Please contact IECA Executive Director Jennifer Vit to connect with Whitfield & Eddy.

Infection Control Protocols 

Webinar with Kay Osvig, Whitfield & Eddy, outlining how councils can enact infection control protocols

Policy Template - Infection Control Protocols

  • This is the general template whereby councils can document their infection control protocols. This is designed primarily for councils that do not currently have an infectious disease policy, or disaster plan that includes that information. Those Councils may want to reach out to Whitfield & Eddy to talk about amendment protocols.
  • Councils may want to start and stop some policies.  For example, if there is a local spike the protocols may be more restrictive. After the spike subsides, the Council may want to phase out one or more sub-policies. The council may or may not want to meet every time and councils may be able to delegate the authority for those daily decisions to an individual. 

Additional Policy Options

Policy Template - Face Coverings

Policy Template - Temperature Screening

  • Councils may desire to adopt slightly different procedures from one another. Some councils may want to require masks. Others may want to permit them, but not require them. Some councils may want to utilize temperature and/or symptom screenings.
  • To help give flexibility within a framework of policies, Whitfield & Eddy recommends that councils would adopt the Infection Control Protocol policy and ancillary policies they think they want to implement over the course of the pandemic, although the policies may or may not be immediately effective or be implemented on and off depending on that county’s circumstances.

Policy Implementation Tools

Temperature Screening Tool

Symptom Screening Questionnaire

Screening Algorithm (Iowa Dept. of Public Health)

Employee Notice Form