State Resources

Effective Education | Simple tips to help you approach elected officials and share your message effectively.

Briefing Information on ISU Extension and Outreach  | A brief summary of statewide ISU Extension and Outreach impacts.  This information can be used as support material when talking with elected officials.

Making Contacts for ISU Extension and Outreach | This handout is designed for copying and direct distribution to your volunteers. The information provides some basic tips for anyone who wants to talk with decision-makers about the importance of ISU Extension and Outreach's educational programs.  

Helping Volunteers Prepare a Message for Decision Makers  | This reference gives pointers for council members to develop a story about the importance of the local Extension program. The tool suggests local data that your Extension staff should have on hand to build facts into the message about the numbers of people involved in Extension, local impacts, etc.

Iowa Legislature LinkThe website below is your link to State Government information including legislator names, email addresses, committee information and district maps.