Two-Way Scorecard Communication Tool Fall 2020 Report

November 16, 2020

The Quarter One 2020 Two-Way Scorecard Communication Tool Statewide Report has been released.  As identified and promised through the Structured for Success process, the goal of the scorecard is to increase communication and accountability.  The Two-Way Scorecard Communication Tool is based on the partnership outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and addendum between each county and Iowa State University. The information we gain will help us to ensure a successful partnership between Iowa State University and county extension councils.

Some general observations from reviewing the first quarter responses are as follows:

  • The COVID-19 response has affected how we operate and likely impacted the scores in some categories, for example, programming and  communication.
  • The lowest average score across the categories was in programming, with an overall average of 3.9. While this is above the average of a one to five scale, it shows there is room for improvement. This is important because programming is our product. It is what we do. Like communication, programming has been disrupted by COVID-19 and we have shifted from in-person programming to more virtual programming and in some cases have not fully replaced previously cancelled events.
  • Within the human resources category, it is clear staff and councils are settling into new roles. The scorecard has identified that we need more communication, clarification, and understanding about these roles and responsibilities.
  • As the transition of 4-H club accounts nears completion, staff, 4-H leaders, members, and families may need additional strategies, support, and explanation about how public funds must be managed for legal compliance.

The general sentiment resonated that people are making the changes work. ISU Extension and Outreach continues to function well. Communication and mutual respect for our colleagues and councils are essential to success across our system. The Two-Way Scorecard will help us improve on these and other critical
elements of our success.

Councils are encouraged to stay engaged. They will have the opportunity to complete the second quarter survey during the first two weeks of January and continue to provide valuable input.

To read the complete statewide report, visit the county services website.