3-Minute Videos

This series is intended for council members to learn more about various topics related to their responsibilities as council members.  Watch together at a council meeting - or on your own.  If you have ideas for future 3-minute videos, drop a note in our Virtual Suggestion Box.

  • Strategic Idea Workshops | September 28, 2023 - This 3-minute video includes an interview with Vice President Jason Henderson and talks about why council members are needed to provide input to the strategic plan via the workshops.
  • Consent Agendas | June 5, 2023
  • IECA Member Benefit Survey | September 1, 2022 - This 3-minute video discusses some benefits of IECA membership and introduces a request for councils to complete the fall 2022 member benefits survey.
  • Selecting Nominating Committees | April 19, 2022 - This 3-minute video encourage council members to thoroughly consider candidates to appoint to the council nominating committee.
  • Iowa Legislative Insider | January 6, 2022 - This 3-minute video introduces council members to the Iowa Legislative Insider and why they should attend this event.
  • Extension Budget Cycle | December 9, 2021 - This 3-minute video covers the budget cycle process and the council's role in planning for the budget and fiscal oversight.
  • Background Screening | August 31, 2021 - This 3-minute video covers why we do background screening, resources for background screening, and the council's role in background screening.