Extension Council Training

Extension Council Conference on the Road: Connecting to Your Communities

There will be six mini-conferences held throughout the state on a weekday evening from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. on the following dates and locations:

  • March 25 - Greenfield
  • March 26 - Oskaloosa
  • April 1 - Monticello
  • April 2 - Nashua
  • April 10 - Emmetsburg
  • April 11 - Sioux City

Learn More about the Conference

Recordings and materials from the breakout sessions of past conferences.

This series is intended for council members to learn more about various topics related to their responsibilities as council members.  Watch together at a council meeting - or on your own. 

View 3-Minute Videos

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Single Topic Videos & Webinars

Legal Resources

Various Topics

There are several webinar recordings and documents available on our password-protected Legal Resources page.  These resources were developed by Whitfield & Eddy Law specifically with county extension councils in mind.  They have been curated from past council training sessions and in response to council needs and requests.

To request the password, please contact Jennifer Vit or Julie Baumler and note on which county extension council you serve.

Topics Include:

Employment Law

  • Is It Legal? (2023)
  • Best Practices for Personnel Committees and Personnel Records
  • Hiring, Firing, and Managing Staff
  • Is This Legal? (2022)
  • Fair Labor Standards
  • ABCs of Employment Law
  • Family Medical Leave Act Basics

Council Operations

  • Conflicts of Interest for County Extension Councils and County Employees
  • Is It Legal? (2023)
  • Custodian of Public Record

Additional legal webinars

  • Divorce, Custody, and Family Law


Best Practices for Personnel Committees and Personnel Records

This webinar can be found on the password-protected Legal Resources page.

Clarifying Discrimination Complaint Questions

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisor Regenea Hurte and HR Partner Ruth Appleton share some insights on what discrimination is and looks like, the process for reporting concerns, and some available resources to help staff navigate those concerns. From the September 12, 2022 Second Monday Live for Extension and Outreach staff


Property Tax Impacts for Extension Districts

Ag Extension Districts in Iowa rely on property taxes as the major source of revenue. This webinar explores Iowa’s property tax landscape in terms of property tax assessment and valuation by property class; trends across small, medium, and large-sized communities; and revenue implications of these trends on Extension Districts. Note: The main content of the webinar is in the first 31 minutes; the remainder of the time is breakout session activity and Q/A wrap-up.

Carryover Projection & Usage

Instructs how councils can use a carryover analysis to do year-end financial planning. 


Extension Council Fiduciary Responsibilities

State of Iowa Auditor Rob Sand and citizens of Iowa explain fiduciary responsibilities of our elected extension council members. 



Behavior & Rule Management for Fairs and Events

In December 2021, Iowa 4-H implemented Positive Youth Development guidelines to aid county extension staff and extension councils in navigating possible behavior and rule infractions as they pertain to fairs and events. This webinar is a joint endeavor from IECA and Iowa 4-H to inform council members of the new guidance issued by Iowa 4-H.  The training, held on January 11, 2022 for an extension council audience, is facilitated by Mike Anderson, State Ag & Natural Resources Program Manager for Iowa 4-H Youth Development.


What Every Council Needs to Know About 4-H

This webinar series is a joint endeavor between IECA and Iowa 4-H to share with council members some basic information about the 4-H program.  The trainings are facilitated by Jen Hargrove, Positive Youth Development & Vibrant Clubs Specialist for Iowa 4-H Youth Development.

Part I: Community Clubs

The full webinar recording is around 53 minutes in length.  For specific segments of the recording, please see the list of video clips (length of video in minutes:seconds is listed after each segment):


Part II: K-12 Outreach

Council Operations 

Council Meetings

Margaret E. Johnson, JD, Deputy Director of the Iowa Public Information Board explains the importance of Iowa Sunshine Laws pertaining to extension councils.


Civil Rights

Serving All Iowans

Presentation and discussion about diversity, equity, and inclusion in our councils and our programs.

The Next Step in Civil Rights: Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity

Insight on how being culturally aware and sensitive helps Extension Districts continue to move forward in meeting our vision and mission goal of Serving All Iowans. 



Training Documents & Written Resources

Extension and Outreach Professional Development

County Extension Council members can access professional development opportunities through Extension and Outreach's Professional Development unit at the same cost that staff members can access these programs.  Council members interested in Professional Development's program offerings should work with their county extension council and their county or regional director to determine how training should be paid for.

Additionally, the Professional Development team is willing to travel if a county or region is interested in bringing the training to your location.  Contact the respective trainer—listed on each of the program pages—to set up mutually agreed on date/time and assure they can meet the minimum expected participants, or contact Professional Development Manager Brenda Allen if unsure who to reach out to for a particular program.