Background Screening

Why is background screening necessary?

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the Extension Districts continue to work together to implement the background screenings required by the Memorandum of Understanding.  The purpose of a county employee and volunteer background screening process is to create and maintain the best possible environment for all clients and program participants, including vulnerable persons, of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. This is one step in selecting and placing qualified employees and volunteers in appropriate positions.

Screening employees and volunteers also reduces exposure to risk, allowing a reduction in insurance rates.

What is IECA's role in background screening?

The Iowa Extension Council Association has negotiated a reduced rate for its members with First Advantage Background Screening (FABS). Because of this relationship, IECA facilitates providing forms and guidance when using First Advantage's services.

Where can I go with questions about background screening?

First, take a look at the documents under the Resources heading in the sidebar at the right.  If, after reviewing those documents you still have questions, please contact IECA Program Assistant, Julie Baumler, 515-294-8475.

Where can I find the current forms and procedural information needed for the screening? 

Please see the sidebar to the right for resources, training volunteer forms, and employee forms.  There, you will find the procedural guidelines, training documentation for the First Advantage system, FAQs, and the authorization and disclosure forms you will use.  Note that each of the documents has a date in the lower right-hand corner.  Use the most recent date.

How can I get a new employee set up with credentials for background screening or how can I inactivate an account for an employee no longer working for Extension and Outreach?

Please email IECA Program Assistant, Julie Baumler.  Include the individual's name, county, and email address.