Legal Services

The Iowa Extension Council Association (IECA) has retained the law firm of Whitfield & Eddy, P.L.C for consultation and education in the areas of Labor and Employment Practice for IECA member counties.   Whitfield & Eddy is based out of Des Moines and serves private, non-profit, and public-sector clients throughout the state of Iowa.  Kay Oskvig employment law attorney will be the lead attorney working with IECA. 

 Whitfield & Eddy provides IECA and its members with the following services:

  • Ongoing communication on current and developing issues in all areas of law
  • Email Alerts: when new issues arise that may affect county councils
  • Legal Updates: short legal updates will be provided that will be posted on IECA web site and included in IECA newsletters.
  • Webinar Q&A sessions for employment-related questions providing “do’s and don’ts” in the supervision of employees.
  • Labor and Employment Practice educational webinars
  • Consultation for a limited number of hours concerning issues councils may be addressing in the area of labor and employment practices, lease agreements, contracts and other legal matters. 

If council members have a wish to consult with Whitfield & Eddy about a legal matter involving their council, they should follow the process below:

  1. Identify if there are currently existing resources that would be able to answer your council’s questions/concerns.  Existing resources may include the following:
    • The IECA website – Resources tab, Human Resources tab and Council Training Materials
    • Your Regional Director
  2. An extension council member should contact Jennifer Vit, IECA Executive Director.  She will ask some general questions to help determine if Whitfield & Eddy is the best resource to help you.  She will also monitor county usage of the consultation service so as not to exceed one hour per half year.  Note:  Jennifer will only ask general questions so as not to endanger attorney/client privilege.  All information will be kept confidential.
  3. Communication with Whitfield & Eddy must be with an extension council member(s) only or an official designee of the council because of attorney/client privilege.  The decision to involved person(s) other than council members will be made by Kay Oskvig at Whitfield & Eddy.  All information will be kept confidential.
  4. If a county council requires additional legal services after consultation with Whitfield & Eddy, the council will be directly responsible for payment of fees for their continued services with Whitfield & Eddy. IECA will pay Whitfield & Eddy directly for the county's one complimentary hour per half-year.

Please contact IECA Executive Director Jennifer Vit, with any questions.

Legal Resources

There are several webinar recordings and documents available on our password-protected Legal Resources page.  These resources were developed by Whitfield & Eddy Law specifically with county extension councils in mind.  They have been curated from past council training sessions and in response to council needs and requests.

To request the password, please contact Jennifer Vit or Julie Baumler and note on which county extension council you serve.