Calm App

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The enrollment year for the Calm app is from April 1 to March 30.  The group open enrollment period will typically occur at the beginning of each calendar year (January - March). 

Enroll Entire Staff

Counties who did not enroll during the initial open enrollment period may still enroll for the remainder of the 2024-25 for the introductory rate of $25 for the remainder of the plan year.  Email Julie Baumler,, with a list of employees and their email addresses (please confirm all email addresses).

Enroll New Employees

Counties who are currently enrolled may add new individual employees throughout the plan year via the survey link:

Enroll an Employee

Unenroll Former Employees

If you have an employee who has left employment with ISU Extension and Outreach in your county, please email Julie Baumler,, to unenroll them from the Calm app benefit.


Redeeming Your Subscription

Once your employer has enrolled you in Calm, you will need to redeem your subscription to be able to utilize the app and employee benefits.  Follow the instructions in the email send to you via Calm.  If you need help, view the Calm Benefit Employee Sign-Up Flow document.

Calm for Your Family

Calm has content that is suitable for all ages.  Your Calm subscription allows you to add up to 5 dependents to your account so they can also access the app.  To add dependents, just follow the step-by-step instructions.

Getting Started with Calm

Once you've redeemed your Calm subscription, you'll want to learn more about the app and how it can build mental resilience through better sleep, mindfulness, and meditation for you and your family.  There is a weekly Calm Fundamentals webinar - or you can watch the webinar recording if that fits your schedule better.

Register for the Calm Fundamentals Webinar