County Extension Council Members Talk with Legislators

photo collage of county extension council members talking with legislators

On February 22, county extension council members met with Iowa legislators at the Iowa Extension Council Association legislative breakfast held at Capitol Building in Des Moines. They joined other county extension council members and supporters from across the state to show the million-dollar impact ISU Extension and Outreach makes in Iowa communities. Extension council members shared stakeholder reports for each county in the legislator’s district as well as ISU Extension and Outreach’s 2023 Impact Report. “The main message of the day was that ISU Extension and Outreach has incredible public value” according to Jennifer Vit, IECA Executive Director.

The event was sponsored by the Iowa Extension Council Association and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.  The Iowa Extension Council Association represents 900 elected extension council members across the state. At the local level, county extension councils function as the legal body and are the local partners with Iowa State University (Extension and Outreach) and the USDA. They identify needs in their local communities and help meet those needs with Extension programming to make a real impact.