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Want to learn more about ISU Extension and Outreach? You’ve come to the right place. 

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is present in every county in Iowa – all 100, in fact (Pottawattamie County has 2 offices). As part of the land grant mission, Extension and Outreach connects everyday citizens throughout Iowa with research and information from Iowa State University. Extension staff present programs and data to empower Iowans to make their own decisions for their own family and livelihood. 

Did you know we have multi-million dollar impacts every year? We do! Extension takes local county tax dollars and creates the best bang for the buck to make a difference in communities.

Explore the resources below to learn more about the incredible public value of Extension. Or better yet, stop into your local extension office and talk to the staff or participants of Extension programming. You’ll see…we have Real Impact

2023 Impact Report

ISU Extension and Outreach engages Iowans on farms and on Main Street, at home and in school, from urban neighborhoods to rural communities in every Iowa county.

As a result, Iowans throughout the state are gaining skills and taking action to improve quality of life for themselves and their communities – benefiting everyone and building a #STRONGIOWA.

Read the 2023 Impact Report to see a few highlights of how ISU Extension and Outreach is making a difference and creating real impact for Iowans.  

View the Impact Report


County Reports

To see the impact that Extension and Outreach is making in your county, read the County Stakeholder Reports for 2023.

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Iowa Senate District map
Iowa House District map


Indicators Program

The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Indicators Program provides data and information for decision makers at the local, regional, and state levels.

The Data for Decision Makers are brief reports presenting a profile and snapshot of a city’s, county’s, or region’s demographic, economic, social, health, or housing characteristics.  There are also Data for Decision Makers reports for the Iowa House Districts and Iowa Senate Districts.

Explore the Indicators Portal

Extension and Outreach Funding

ISU Extension and Outreach Funding at a Glance

The three-way funding partnership with county, state, and federal governments brings the research of the university to Iowans across the state. Impact is brought directly to the counties where Iowans live and learn. These public dollars are leveraged through the use of grants, contracts, user fees, and donations.

Property Tax by Taxing Authority

County Agricultural Extension Districts are primarily funded by property taxes.  However, this levy makes up only 0.4% of property taxes collected across the state, impacting property taxes very little. Data source: Iowa Department of Management

County Agricultural Extension District Tax Asking Limits Explained

All Extension Districts have a cap on the tax dollars they can receive in each fiscal year, by Iowa Code 176A.10. Every district has a set dollar cap based on where they fit in the population bracket.  Many districts are ALSO capped by the levy rate cap, or in other words, a double cap. The levy cap is a function of the aggregate taxable valuation of the district.  The property tax revenue possible in any one year is the LOWER of the two caps, the dollar cap, or the levy rate cap.  This document includes a chart of the levy and dollar caps by county population.

Iowa Code 176A

Sets forth the funding parameters for County Agricultural Extension Districts.

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