IECA Bylaw Amendments Pass

May 11, 2020

Proposed amendments to the IECA bylaws passed by a vote of the membership which culminated on Friday, May 8.

The first question to pass permits single-county regions to be grouped together with one board member representing them on the IECA Board of Directors.  This would keep the total number of board members, and expenses related to board travel,manageable. This vote passed by a margin of 95%.

The second question to pass allows the nominating committees for board members to consist of two individuals, rather than three. This change would account for having fewer council members per region in the future regional structure, thus eliminating the need for a larger nominating committee. This vote passed by a margin of 92%. 

Both of these changes to the bylaws were proposed in response to a new regional structure for ISU Extension and Outreach beginning on July 1, 2020.